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2014 Turkey Trot Training Groups

Tally TT Group Training 
2014 Tallahassee Turkey Trot Training hosted by Capital City Runners
(See maps of the Betton Hills run courses below)
WEEK  1 
(Thursday  October  2nd;  6:00  PM)  
Easy  Group  Run (5K,  7.5K,  10K,  or  15K):
Group  Run  at  Self‐Regulated Pace
Workout  Objective–To  sustain  a  steady  aerobic  running  effort  over your  pre‐selected  distance  and  to  gain  familiarity  on  the  Betton  Hills  Course.
WEEK  2 
(Thursday  October  9th;  6:00  PM)  
Easy  Group  Run (5K,  7.5K,  10K,  or  15K):
Group  Run  at  Self‐Regulated  Pace
Workout  Objective  – To  sustain  a  steady  aerobic  running  effort  over  your  pre‐selected  distance  and  to  gain  familiarity  on  the  Betton  Hills  Course.
(Thursday  October  16th;  6:00  PM)  
Easy  Group  Run  or  Hill  Accelerations (5K,  7.5K,  10K,  or  15K):
Group  Run  at  Self‐Regulated  Pace  or  Run  easy  on  the  flats  and  downhill  with  gentle  accelerations  on  any  uphill  segments  encountered  on  the  route.
Workout  Objective  – To  build  strength,  speed,  and  stamina  over  your  pre‐selected  distance.
(Thursday  October  23rd;  6:00  PM)  
Easy  Group  Run  or  Time  Trial (5K,  7.5K,  10K,  or  15K):
Group  Run  at  Self‐Regulated  Pace  or  a  gentle  warm‐up  followed  by  a  short  distance  run  at  goal  race  pace.
1.  For  those  training  for  the  5K  Run:  
1  mile  warm‐up  jog,  1  mile  at  goal  5K  Race  Pace,  1  mile  cool‐down.
2.  For  those  training  for  the  10K  Run:  
2  mile  warm‐up  jog,  2  mile  at  goal  10K  Race  Pace,  2  mile  cool‐down.
3.  For  those  training for  the  15K  Run:
3  mile  warm‐up  jog,  3  mile  at  goal  15K  Race  Pace,  3  mile  cool‐down.
Workout  Objective  – To  gauge  your  current  fitness  level  and  to  establish  a  benchmark  by  which  to  measure  your  progress  by  week  7.
(Thursday  October  30th;  6:00  PM)  
Easy  Group  Run  or  Timed  Accelerations (5K,  7.5K,  10K,  or  15K):
Group  Run  at  Self‐Regulated  Pace  or  Run  easy  for  5  minutes  then  accelerate  for  1  minute  at  goal  race  pace.
Workout  Objective  – To  practice  implementing  surges  of  pace  over  the  course  of  your  easy  mileage.  The  focus  is  integrating  speed  over  a  drawn  out  period  of  running.
WEEK  6 
(Monday,  November  3rd;  6:00  PM)
Tentative  Turkey  Trot  Course  Preview
Group  Run  in  Southwood:  Distances  to  be determined.
(Thursday  November  6th;  6:00  PM)
Easy  Group  Run  or  Turn  Accelerations (5K,  7.5K,  10K,  or  15K):
Group  Run  at  Self‐Regulated  Pace  or  Run easy  on  the  straightaways  and  accelerate  at  race  pace  into  and  around  turns  throughout  the  route.
Workout  Objective  – To  sharpen  racing  tactics  and  to  gain  familiarity  with  managing  turns  at  a  race  paced  effort.
(Monday,  November  10th;  6:00  PM)
Tentative  Turkey  Trot  Course  Preview
Group  Run  in  Southwood:  Distances  to  be  determined.
(Thursday  November  13th;  6:00  PM)  
Easy  Group  Run  or  Time  Trial  #2 (5K,  7.5K,  10K,  or  15K):
Group  Run  at  Self‐Regulated  Pace  or  a  gentle  warm‐up  followed  by  a  short  distance  run  at  goal  race  pace.
1.  For  those  training  for  the  5K  Run:
If  you  were  unable to  hit  your  target  goal  race  pace  in  week  4:
1  mile  warm‐up  jog,  1  mile  at  goal  5K  Race  Pace,  1  mile  cool‐down.
If  you  were  able to  hit  your  target  goal  race  pace  in  week  4:
Warm‐up  for  ½  mile,  2  miles  at  goal  race  pace,  Cool‐Down  for  ½  mile.
2.  For  those  training  for  the  10K  Run:
If  you  were  unable to  hit  your  target  goal  race  pace  in  week  4:
2  mile  warm‐up  jog,  2  mile  at  goal  10K  Race  Pace,  2  mile  cool‐down.
If  you  were  able to  hit  your  target  goal  race  pace  in  week  4:
Warm‐Up  for  1.5  miles,  3  miles  at  goal  race  pace,  Cool‐Down  for  1.5  miles.
3.  For  those  training  for  the  15K  Run:
If  you  were  unable to  hit  your  target  goal  race  pace  in  week  4:
3  mile  warm‐up  jog,  3  mile  at  goal  15K  Race  Pace,  3  mile  cool‐down.
If  you  were  able to  hit  your  target  goal  race  pace  in  week  4:  2.5  mile  warm‐up  jog,  4  mile  at  goal  15K  Race  Pace,  Cool-­Down  for  2.5  Miles.
Workout  Objective  – To evaluate  your  progress  from  week  4’s  time  trial.
(Monday,  November  17th,  6:00  PM)
Tentative  Turkey  Trot  Course  Preview  Group  Run  in  Southwood:  Distances  to  be  determined.
(Thursday  November  20th;  6:00  PM)
Easy  Group  Run  &  Celebration (5K,  7.5K,  10K,  or  15K):
Group  Run  at  Self‐Regulated  Pace.
Workout  Objective  –  To  recover,  place  the  mind  at  ease  one  week  out  from  race  day  and  to  celebrate  your  hard  work  and  dedication!!!
Tally TT Run Routes

Friday, May 2, 2014

Tiffany Anderson is an "Overcomer" and May's Random Runner

The Random Runner for May has fought "the good fight" and survived and risen like a phoenix from the proverbial ashes.  Capital City Runners is happy to introduce Tiffany Anderson as this month's Random Runner.

CCR: When did you start really running? Why?
Tiffany: I ran short distances in middle and high school and then took a break from running for a while. I started running long distances in my thirties and finished my first marathon in January 2008.

CCR: How has running shaped you since then?
Tiffany: I think the goals I have set and achieved through running have contributed to the person that I am. In general, running makes me happy, and I think that spills over into the rest of my life

CCR: As a child, did you think running would be an important part of your life?
Tiffany: I’m not sure I thought running would be an important part of my life, but I always knew that exercise would be. I did not realize how important running was to me, until I had to stop doing it for a while because of health issues.

CCR: What is one of your most awesome running memories? i.e. proudest, favorite, most memorable...
Tiffany: I started training for a marathon through the Team in Training program in January 2007. I joined the program to honor my mother who has a form of leukemia. Unfortunately, I myself was diagnosed with cancer while training for that first marathon. I had to have major surgery, so my plans to complete that first marathon were postponed. My goal through the whole cancer ordeal was to get back out and start training again. So, when I finished my first marathon in January 2008, it was not only a personal victory, but also a “take that cancer” moment. To this day, every finish line I cross, I think to myself “take that cancer…you knocked me down, but not out.” I set another goal to finish a 140.6 mile triathlon before my five year, cancer-free date, and I achieved that goal in October 2011….another personal victory and “take that cancer” moment.
First marathon
Tiffany's First Marathon finish: Walt Disney World 15th Anniversary Marathon (2008)

Tiffany with local running enthusiasts, Kathy Fox and Shelby Augustyniak, at the finish line of the Great Floridian 140.6 Triathlon.

CCR: What is your weak point? Does it haunt your or drive you?
Tiffany: Right now my weak point is not being able to run like I want to because of health issues (no cancer…thankfully!!). I’m pushing through and I am determined that I will run another marathon one of these days soon

CCR: What do you like to do when you aren’t running? (Do you have a favorite non-running hobby?)
Tiffany: I enjoy cycling, swimming, and just recently took up paddle-boarding. I pretty much like to do anything that involves being outside

CCR: What do you do to pay your bills?
Tiffany: I am a pediatric nurse practitioner in the Pediatric ICU at TMH

CCR: If money were no object, what would you love to do?
Tiffany: Travel all over doing half marathons, marathons, triathlons…not only for the races, but to see new places.
Post race refueling: Chicago-style deep dish pizza following the Chicago Marathon.

CCR: What are some of your most recent “reads”?
Tiffany: Truthfully, I don’t read a lot about running. I have a stressful job, so the things I read are fiction books that don’t involve a lot of thinking!! I do enough of that at work!

CCR: Who motivates you, and what inspires you to keep running?
Tiffany: Life motivates me. I believe that we should live every day to the fullest and find something positive and happy about each day. Running makes me happy, so I keep doing it!!

CCR: What is your idea of the perfect “running” vacation (or weekend)? A non-running vacation?
Tiffany: I think I have already had my perfect “running” vacation. For my five year cancer free milestone I went to Big Sur in California with several of my closest friends and we ran the Big Sur Marathon together. What a glorious run and the perfect place to celebrate life, friendship and the beauty this world has to offer.
Big Sur Finish
A celebration of life on the Monterey Coast following the 2012 Big Sur International Marathon.

CCR: How has Capital City Runners been a positive component of your running career/life-style?
Tiffany: I have learned a lot about my running style and proper equipment by talking to the staff at Capital City Runners.

Friday, March 28, 2014

the Running Route - March, 2014

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Lisa and Mickey Wear HER Heart on Their Sleeves

Capital City Runners is honored to spotlight Lisa Cox and Mickey Phillips as this month's Random Runners.  Please be sure to thank them for sharing their story(s). 
CCR:  When did you start really running?  Why?
LISA:   I was on my kindergarten track team, but didn’t start running consistently until I was 15. My PE coach (Mrs. Durkin) noticed that I enjoyed running during PE and asked me to complete the Presidential Sports Fitness award in running, which consisted of running 125 miles in 90 days (a 2 ½ mile maximum daily).  In order to make sure I completed it all, I had to run on the top level of our new basketball gym, where 12 laps equaled one mile.  Ronald Reagan signed my award – ironically, Mickey Phillips has one signed by him too!  I mostly did it because my coach believed in me, but I was hooked after that! 
MICKEY: I ran randomly in 2012 and more regularly in 2013.  I mountain biked for many years and wanted to try something different.  Running was harder for me to do and took less time.
CCR:  How has running shaped you since then?
LISA:  I can’t imagine not having running in my life now.  It’s one of the most freeing activities I have experienced.  It calms me and makes me feel strong.  I believe it helped me beat heart disease in two ways – I was healthier when my ‘event’ happened, and it was my runner partner and friend who saved my life (Jamie Harris), so running was a big part of that!  
Lisa and Mickey - Dressy
MICKEY:  I am racing a lot more these days.
CCR:  As a child, did you think running would be an important part of your life?
LISA:  By the time I was in high-school, I would say I did. 
CCR:  What is one of your most awesome running memories? i.e. proudest, favorite, most memorable...
LISA:  As a young person, being on the first team at Ironton High to allow women to compete on the all-male cross-country team – then becoming the first female to earn a varsity letter in cross country. As an adult, my first marathon in 2006 (Tallahassee Marathon).  Also, qualifying for and running the Boston Marathon. 
MICKEY:  Finishing 22:14 at the 2013 Palace 5k. It is the fastest 5k finish for me so far.
CCR:  What is your weak point?  Does it haunt you or drive you?
LISA:  Getting back to a respectable level of training and speed after heart surgery.  I feel I’ll eventually get better but sometimes it’s difficult to accept.
MICKEY:  Running downhill.  I keep trying it different ways and I'm sure I'll eventually get better at it.
CCR:  What do you like to do when you aren’t running? (Do you have a favorite non-running hobby?)
LISA:  I enjoy being with my children, Sara & Austin – we have a lot of fun together; but they are teenagers, so they have their own interests,too.  I also adopted a sweet boxer, Peanut Butter, and he is great buddies with Mickey’s foster, Sid.  Mickey and I have fun being together with Peanut Butter and Sid and we enjoy some down time watching movies and cooking together. I have a new mountain bike and enjoy riding it – I just need to get better at riding.
MICKEY:  Mountain Biking, cooking, art 
CCR:  What do you do to pay your bills?
LISA:  I am the Database Administrator at the Florida Dental Association.
MICKEY:  Graphic Artist
CCR:  If money were no object, what would you love to do?
LISA:  I would enjoy doing something that didn’t required being behind a desk.  I’d like to travel, preferably doing something that would allow me to incorporate running/biking with traveling – perhaps a sponsored traveling Heart-Disease Running ambassador….lol.  I’d like to inspire other heart patients not to be afraid of exercising and leading an active lifestyle.
MICKEY:  Visit and photograph active volcanoes.

Lisa and Mickey - Beach
 CCR:  What are some of your most recent “reads”?
LISA:  I read Runner’s World magazine when time allows & technical stuff for work.  I also received 14 Minutes from a friend while I was recuperating from surgery – obviously that is fascinating.
MICKEY:  I don't read but I love watching movies.
CCR:  Who motivates you, and what inspires you to keep running?
LISA:  I definitely am motivated by the Gulf Winds Track Club – I have never lived anywhere else where there is such an active running club.  I am glad that Mickey likes to run and it is fun to enjoy that together – he encourages me and I enjoy seeing him improve and being a part of his first experiences with racing and running.
MICKEY:  Lisa Cox motivates me.  She is always there to get my butt off the couch and go run.  Otherwise, I'd have another lazy day.  Efficiency is what inspires me to keep running.  With every run, I'm trying to move better and be faster.
CCR:  What is your idea of the perfect “running” vacation (or weekend)? A non-running vacation?
LISA:  I like getting out of town for runs - it’s always nice when you can combine some days off with a race and maybe another event in the town where you are.  Mickey and I have enjoyed a few races out of town this past year and that has been fun.  Non-running vacations need to include outside activities too (biking, the beach, etc) - something relaxing and a visit with family is very likely.
MICKEY:  I really like going out of town and racing, especially festival runs. I love all the food. My non-running trips are usually mountain bike related - North Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina. I love mountains!
CCR:  How has Capital City Runners been a positive component of your running career/life-style?
Lisa and Mickey - Medals
LISA:  CCR is very supportive of our club and individually, Lori Abbey, has been very supportive of me with my heart disease and with encouragement on behalf of CCR.  I like that I can go in to the shop and the staff is familiar with me and my running style/ goals.  My hometown was very small and it reminds me of growing up and how easy it is when people know what you’re all about in order to cater to your needs – this saves time and makes you feel like someone cares – this is very hard to find in the business community these days.
MICKEY:  It took a couple pairs but with their knowledge and patience, Capital City Runners helped me find the right shoes for me to run in.  It's time for me to get over there and get a new pair now!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ramblings of a Random Runner

Rocket Man welcomes Mickey S. Moore as this January's Random Runner. A round of applause please.

 CCR:  When did you start really running?  Why?
Mickey: I started running about 2 miles a few days a week in 2007.  I have always been active in various sports (baseball, softball, gym), but had not run – seriously – since jr. high school.  Realizing that the gym efforts and sporadic activities weren’t keeping me in shape, I had to do something that I could DO anywhere I went.  My first race was in the Spring of 2008.
At the time, I traveled the country for work every week – so running fit the bill. 
CCR:  How has running shaped you since then?
Mickey:  Literally?  Well, ask my wife Audrey!  :-) Lol!
Joking aside:
First, it has harnessed a lot of my “perfectionist” tendencies in one place and has allowed me to put less pressure on my life in other areas.  It has given me something that I can be in the most control of – having great impact on the result.  Less interference from outside forces – I know that I can put in as much, or as little, as I want to and I am the only one to blame for any failure.  This gives me great opportunity to succeed – because like many of us “addicted” athletes, I will push; I will train.  I CAN.  I WILL!
Next, my running has been inspiring to others – what a feeling it is when others ask my opinion; share that my commitment and effort has pushed them to try this running thing; and seeing the domino effect of running, friendships, connections, etc.  I know that my results are not what draw people to ask, to seek advice, or to be influenced…I hope it’s the effort, the commitment, the discipline, the sharing and the love of this sport that permeates all my life’s activities.  It is difficult to explain how I, in turn, feel when I see those very same people go on to succeed in running and health and then impact others – amazing!
I would also like to think that I can be one of many carrying the torch in support of an active lifestyle – participating is so important.  It does so much for us physically and mentally…keep moving folks.
Surely, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the competitiveness of it all!  I will not win many races, but I know part of my drive is competing, respectably competing, in my age group, or even in a Regional or National arena (amateurs, of course).  We are blessed here in Tallahassee with an awesome Gulf Winds Track Club – our runners can hold their own across the country – I have traveled enough to know that.
Lastly, running is allowing me a way to bring awareness and support to others.  Most races have a charity tied to it – so that’s great and it’s impactful.  Additionally, each year I typically raise money for a charity while training/running a marathon – it is hard to explain the impact this has on me as a person, but it is worth every call, every mile, every ask….I am grateful to all that have supported me!
CCR:  As a child, did you think running would be an important part of your life?
Mickey:  No, certainly not.  I always said I wanted to be in good shape my whole life, but I fell off the path a little here and there.  I have found it again.
After my 9th grade year, I quit track to play the cooler sports – or so I thought.  Never big enough to really matter much, I still played football, baseball and soccer, and they brought more attention back then!  Where would I be now with my running if I had not quit???
Mickey and his mother - Boston finishers' area, April 2011
CCR:  What is one of your most awesome running memories? i.e. proudest, favorite, most memorable...
Mickey:  a few come to mind:
  • My first marathon in 2009 – training for the half marathon for weeks, I decided the week of the Tallahassee marathon to run THE FULL!  Getting a blister at mile 9 was a pain (of course), but I finished in 3:32:46!  The moments after crossing the finish line will NEVER be forgotten.
  • After my bachelor party the night before our wedding in Charleston, SC, I ran a 5k the next morning at 7:30 – on 3 hours sleep and a bit of a hangover.  After the first 100 yards, I was toast…but I finished.  It’s a reminder of my commitment to running and to my marriage – I am determined to make it happen and to succeed in both.
  • Winning my first race EVER in 8th grade – the “I Run Write” 2 miler.  It was so cool!
  • My first Boston Marathon in 2011.  Cried like a baby after the finish – what an experience.
  • Lastly, joining the sub-3 hour club at the Chicago Marathon in 2013.  I made it to that level – and knowing the miles, the sacrifices, the work that all went into to it….the visions from that day will last a lifetime.
    Mickey - Chicago 2013
CCR:  What is your weak point?  Does it haunt your or drive you?
Mickey:  My weak point in running is probably the fact I am getting older! J I know my number of good years running are dwindling down – it drives me to compete now, to pursue PRs now, and be in the moment while running.
CCR:  What do you like to do when you aren’t running?
(Do you have a favorite non-running hobby?)
Mickey: eat, travel, read, softball, bike now and then, journal….
CCR:  What do you do to pay your bills
Mickey:  President/CEO of Southern Scholarship Foundation – a statewide nonprofit providing rent-free housing scholarships to college students with academic merit, limited financial resources, and good character.  I am actually an alumnus of this program! #ssfalum #honored
CCR:  If money were no object, what would you love to do?
Mickey:  Running tour guide; travel the country as a running reporter/blogger/journalist; MLB umpire; stay-at-home dad; travel – run on every continent. Run all World Major marathons.
CCR:  What are some of your most recent “reads”?
Mickey: I am currently reading Work with Me: The 8 Blind Spots Between Men and Women in Business”, Annis & Gray  & “Greatness: The 16 Characteristics of True Champions”, Don Yaeger
CCR:  Who motivates you, and what inspires you to keep running?
Mickey:  I rely on so many moments, people, memories, goals, quotes, and dreams for motivation – it’s difficult to pinpoint.  Well really, those things keep me from being unmotivated – life has always been motivating to me on its own.  Therein lies the key – I know to live a life different than my youth (challenging to say the least) and to achieve goals in life without a safety-net in any way, I have had to keep moving forward – running certainly is the true essence of that.  I want to live a fulfilling life – a life with failures & accomplishments, with love & happiness, with charity & philanthropy, with learning & leading, with pain & sorrow, with family & friends.
As with many athletes, I have intrinsic motivators that drive me – most were formulated as a result of where I am from, have solidified because of where I am today, and will remain because of where I want to be tomorrow.
I can, I will.
Post first marathon (Tallahassee, 2009) with wife Audrey, sister-in-law, mother, and her husband.
CCR:  What is your idea of the perfect “running” vacation (or weekend)? A non-running vacation?
Mickey:  Running vacation – a Big City marathon! 5 days to run, rest, relax and reward!  Food, drink, sight-seeing….with the best race caddie ever, my wife Audrey.
Non-running – I really can’t imagine going on a vacation without running at all!  But if I did, a return trip to Costa Rica please…..
CCR:  How has Capital City Runners been a positive component of your running career/life-style?
Mickey:  In a few ways:
  • Community Partner – CCR does wonders for others in our community.  Thank you for partnering with our organization on our annual Education for Life 5k – we appreciate your support!
  • Promoting an Active Lifestyle – your engagement in our community is awesome….thank you for taking such an active role in getting folks moving!
  • Expert advice and Current running gear – how spoiled we are to have the talented folks at CCR (including an Olympian) to help us, and the clothing and shoes are top-notch.
  • Personally – I can say I have raced with an Olympian.  Seriously, I will never forget running next to Kevin in a race here locally, stride by stride.  For a little more than a mile, I had to tell him how cool it was that for the first time in my life I actually raced next to an Olympian – he laughed, of course, and I restated my observation with more enthusiasm!  Of course, I was only running a 15k and he was warming up for his 30k – so he eventually sped up and left for good J.  BUT, I did race side-by-side with an Olympian!  Awesome!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Running Route - January, 2014

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